Spring is Here

After a long winter that included some unseasonably late snows in April, spring is now in full swing. As flowers push up through the soil tree-buds are unwrapping their new leaves, the birches leading the way.

New Leaves

In addition house repairs, wedding planning, work, life and everything else we are also planning to put in a garden this summer. We’ve started seed indoors already — about a 100 basil plants, some lufa sponges, morning glories, green peppers, and tomatos — and will need a place to plant them after the risk of frost is gone. To that end I’ve started building a dry-stone retaining wall along the edge of the cliff below our house.

As the cliff-top is the only place not overshadowed by maples (and our reluctance to cut down our beautiful trees) the cliff-top is where the gardens will go. We don’t really have too much good soil elsewhere, so after the terrace walls are complete we will bring in large amounts of compost to grow in.

Our current vegetable plans are for:

  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • zuchini
  • green peppers
  • spinach

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  1. gennafer pryor

    trying to find a contact information for Adam Franco. I am from your family line and would like to be in contact with Adam.
    Thank you , sorry for putting this here under comments.

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