April Snow

Today we received an unseasonably late snow-storm that has left us with several inches of snow on the ground. We woke up this morning and were greeted by the first several inches of heavy, wet snow clinging to branches during a lull in the storm. After accidentally letting the cat slip out the door I spent 45 minutes tromping around the yard with my camera. Click on the image below to open a Quicktime VR panorama (a 3D view that you can rotate around in).

QuickTime VR (5.5MB)

equirectangular panorama, a stitch of 93 photos (3.6MB)
I have made a few more QuickTime VRs as well, of a sunset off the back deck (3.1MB), our front yard (7.1MB), and the Parthenon (4.8MB).


  1. wonderful,where is it?

  2. Wow, I would love to travel somewhere like this. Where did you take this picture?

  3. This is central Vermont.

  4. This is cool. Im trying to figure out how to do this. Do you use software that stitched all the 93 photos at once, or do you create separate vertical or horizontal panoramas first, and then stitch them?

  5. I used the AutoPano Pro software which takes a batch of input images and automatically stitches them together. It is pretty amazing software and can even merge together different focal lengths and exposure settings into a cohesive whole.

  6. This is awesome! A beautiful landscape and great image(s)!
    Did you use a fisheye lens to take that photos?

  7. @Winston, no fish-eye lens, just an 18mm wide-angle lens on the tripod-mounted camera. I turned the camera around in a circle, taking about 15-20 images per rotation, then combined them all on the computer into the spherical panorama.

  8. Thanks for your answer! Cool tips.

  9. Absolulty gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed this photo for a RC flight sim of mone and now I Have the most gorgeous winter scene to fly in. I would love to see it in person and fly there for real someday.

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