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YATS! (Yet Another Thunder Storm)

August 19th, 2008

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This has been a crazy summer with only about 5 days between June and mid-August that didn’t have rain. The thunderstorms usually start in the afternoon and sometimes last over night. A few drop several inches of rain at a time causing the flash-floods that have taken out Route 125 several times as well as other bridges and roads.

May showers bring May flowers

May 11th, 2007

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A few roving thunderstorms last night gave new plants a much needed drink. The flowers below are “Bleeding Hearts”, a beautiful surprise to find in the beds our first spring in this house.

Spring is Here

May 6th, 2007

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After a long winter that included some unseasonably late snows in April, spring is now in full swing. As flowers push up through the soil tree-buds are unwrapping their new leaves, the birches leading the way.

New Leaves

In addition house repairs, wedding planning, work, life and everything else we are also planning to put in a garden this summer. We’ve started seed indoors already — about a 100 basil plants, some lufa sponges, morning glories, green peppers, and tomatos — and will need a place to plant them after the risk of frost is gone. To that end I’ve started building a dry-stone retaining wall along the edge of the cliff below our house.

As the cliff-top is the only place not overshadowed by maples (and our reluctance to cut down our beautiful trees) the cliff-top is where the gardens will go. We don’t really have too much good soil elsewhere, so after the terrace walls are complete we will bring in large amounts of compost to grow in.

Our current vegetable plans are for:

  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • zuchini
  • green peppers
  • spinach

April Snow

April 5th, 2007

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Today we received an unseasonably late snow-storm that has left us with several inches of snow on the ground. We woke up this morning and were greeted by the first several inches of heavy, wet snow clinging to branches during a lull in the storm. After accidentally letting the cat slip out the door I spent 45 minutes tromping around the yard with my camera. Click on the image below to open a Quicktime VR panorama (a 3D view that you can rotate around in).

QuickTime VR (5.5MB)

equirectangular panorama, a stitch of 93 photos (3.6MB)
I have made a few more QuickTime VRs as well, of a sunset off the back deck (3.1MB), our front yard (7.1MB), and the Parthenon (4.8MB).

More Blizzard Photos

February 18th, 2007

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Sarah’s Valentines Day blizzard photos

Featuring your’s truly in snow-blower action shots as well as crazy downtown drifts.

Valentines Day Blizzard

February 17th, 2007

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On Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 snow started falling, hard. Sarah had class and I had a meeting that was not yet canceled, so we headed in to campus in the morning with several inches on the ground. A quick errand to the Agway for flowers at 10:00am required 15minutes of shoveling to free the car. By noon my meeting had been canceled as had Sarah’s afternoon classes, so for home we headed. After a futile attempt at freeing a colleague’s car from the snow, we giving him a ride home to Cornwall then worked our way slowly through the clogged streets of downtown Middlebury. At this point visibility was limited to about 50 feet and what traffic existed was crawling along. The Jetta did ok as long as we kept up our momentum to blast through drifts; if we had stopped we may not have be able to get going again without a lot of shoveling.

We knew we wouldn’t be able to get the car up to the house right away, so we stashed it in the Paris Farm supply parking lot across the road and scrambled over the snowbanks and up the driveway. Luckily Sarah had decided several days before to stay in and roast a duck for Valentines dinner instead of going out; a brilliant bit of luck now that travel was pretty much impossible. The snow kept falling harder and the winds were picking up so I got out the snowblower and started cutting a car-width path up the driveway to our parking area. By my 4th pass the first strip that I cleared was covered with two fresh inches of snow so I put the blower in high gear, cleaned off two tracks for the tires and ran to get the car.

The car by this point (2:30pm) was beginning to drift over. I could barely see Route 7 and had to stomp around looking for the exit from the parking lot onto the highway. Exit located I jumped in the car and with about zero visibility brought it around up to the house. I finished blowing the rest of the parking area and headed inside for the night.

The next morning we awoke to over 30 inches of new snow on the ground and an announcement that the college was closed. A lazy breakfast later we began three and a half hours of shoveling and snow blowing to clear all of the snow off of the driveway. The 10-hp Cub Cadet blower worked like a charm, though cutting through the 6-foot snow banks along the road still took a lot of effort: blow out a bit, cut down the overhang with the shovel, blow that away, lather, rinse, repeat.

As I finished the driveway I chatted with my neighbor, George, about the snow and the strength of roofs. I went up on our roof to check it out and was greeted with hip-dip drifts. I was under the mistaken impression that we had only 2×6″ rafters so I began the 2-hour project of shoveling off the roof. When it was done we were left with 6-7 foot-deep piles of snow surrounding the house. While the shoveling of the roof may have been unnecessary, the piles were much fun for jumping off the roof into!

Friday afternoon was the biweekly employee ski race at the college Snow Bowl. Conditions we epic. After our race runs, Mike S. and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting fresh tracks in the knee deep snow in the woods between Ross and Hadley. Wonderful fluff!


December 5th, 2003

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Tonight I did my normal walk home from campus. It is 9�F and lightly snowing on top of the two inches of snow from this morning.

The sparkling of the snowy ground in the moonlight is surpassed only by the glistening radiance lying below the streetlights. Its as if I am walking on fairy-dust.

I hold out my hand under a street lamp to find perfect little snow crystals. Due to the current conditions above, they are all precise two-dimensional crystals that catch the light like sequins.

It is a beautiful night.