Announcing the newest member of our family, Siegfried!

Sarah and I adopted Siegfried from the Addison County Humane Society on July 19th, 2006. He is 11 weeks old. Siegfried and his litter-mates were brought to the shelter as tiny babies and nursed by a surrogate momma cat at the Humane Society. He was sleeping when we first picked him up, but by the time we got home he was tearing about playing with the toy-on-string. He didn’t fall asleep until 4 hours of playing was through.Click on the picture for more photos!

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  1. Elayne (st andrews)

    Hi Adam,

    Long time no speak. Hope you are well. Your cat is gorgeous – he’s very like my little cat Buffy who is nearly 2 now! Hope he is well (and you!).


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