Aurora Borealis in Vermont

That big coronal mass ejection (a.k.a. “solar flare”) that has been in the news this week has finally hit earth, causing really big and pretty auroras (Aurora Borealis = Northern Lights) even far from the poles. My mom said that she could see them in Pennsylvania. The view from Vermont was a large red and green curtain across the northern sky and up to about 45° off the horizon.

I took my camera and tripod about a quarter-mile down 125 past Ridgeline and took pictures for about 45min. It was pretty stunning.

I made up a slide show of [14 of] my pictures (taken between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Thursday night).

For more photos, visit:

Enjoy! I hope you got a chance to see them!

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  1. hello my name is carlos and I need an answer please if you are in Vermont and Northern Lights to tell how many degrees to which and dates on which specific part of Vermont and if there are photographs of them to send me my mail …. I’m writing a book about fantasy and I need this information …. thanks friend Adam F.
    FROM PERÚ…..

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