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High-availability Drupal — File-handling

September 9th, 2009

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One of the requirements in the migration of our web sites to Drupal is that we create a robust and redundant platform that can stay running or degrade gracefully when hardware or software problems inevitably arise. While our sites get heavy use from our communities and the public, our traffic numbers are no where near those of a top-1000 site and could comfortably run off of one machine that ran both the database and web-server.

Single Machine Configuration

Single Machine Configuration

This simple configuration however has the major weakness that any hiccups in the hardware or software of the machine will likely take the site offline until the issues can be addressed. In order to give our site a better chance at staying up as failures occur, we separate some of the functional pieces of the site onto discrete machines and then ensure that each function is redundant or fail-safe. This post and the next will detail a few of the techniques we have used to build a robust site.

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